Rackhouse™ Blind Replacement Hubs


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  • Replaces RackHouse Hub Assembly
  • Select Top or Side Hub Assembly 

Buck Bourbon Rackhouse™ Replacement hub assembly replaces your broken Rackhouse™ 300+ or Rackhouse™ 150+ hub style hunting blinds. Simply choose between the roof or side hub assembly you need to replace, and check out.  Take Your Shot.

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1 review for Rackhouse™ Blind Replacement Hubs

  1. Bruce Teel (verified owner)

    Love that these can be changed but mine has broke a hub two of the three times I set it up. I wish I could get more than a use or two out of the unit without having to repair it. Also it seems rhat the plastic hub would be all needed to replace not the rods and all. I could buy another one or two at a time if this were the case.

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