Rackhouse™ 150+ Hunting Blind

SKU: BB-B150p


  • Four sided Hub Style Hunting Blind 
  • Saloon Style Spring Blind Door
  • 180 Degree silent slide windows
  • Included Backpack carry case

Buck Bourbon Rackhouse™ 150+ is not for storing your aged bourbon, it’s for harvesting big old bucks. The Rackhouse™ 150+ is our smallest hub style blind. The Rackhouse™ 150+ is a four sided hub style blind with included carrying case. When deployed the Rackhouse™ 150+ features two silent slide windows, and two mini rear door windows to see bucks come into your feed sight from any direction. The Rackhouse™ 150+ features Buck Bourbon’s saloon style spring back door for silent and easy access to the Rackhouse™. All Rackhouse™ hunting blinds are patterned in Veil™ Wideland Camo. Package includes backpack carrying case, blind, four guide lines and twelve stakes. Buck Bourbon hunt responsibly.

Footprint: 58″ x 58″ x 67″
Weight: 16lbs / 7.25kg
Size: 42.5H” x 7″W x 7″D, BB-B150p
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Saloon Style Door

All Rackhouse™ blinds features Buck Bourbon’s salon style spring back door for silent and easy access to the Rackhouse™.

Rack House 150+ Saloon Style Door
Rack House 150+ Hunting Blind Silent Slide Windows


All Rackhouse™ blinds feature Buck Bourbon’s silent slide windows making these blinds completely silent with no zippers or velcro. 

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