Our Process

Born from Bourbon

Like great bourbon, only the best ingredients go into making our deer attractant.

110 Proof deer attractant is born in the distilleries of the bourbon capital of the world, right here in our backyard in Kentucky. Our 100-year-old mill is within an hour’s drive of the best bourbons in the entire world. These distilleries provide the backbone for the best deer attractant you’ll ever pour.

Blended for Success

For over 10 years, we’ve blended, tested, and refined our sweet-smelling attractant to serve our single goal: To provide a nutritionally complete, all-natural feed that deer devour.

Almost every other attractant is just salt and water, or corn, and maybe some artificial flavoring. It is attractive, perhaps, but this feed just isn’t good for the deer. And, this feed certainly doesn’t produce healthier, bigger bucks.

Field Tested Proof

After countless field tests, we’ve formulated a complete feed, with 14% protein and trace minerals that deer thirst for. The results: Trail cam photos of full grown bucks chugging down a bag of 110 Proof. And, hunt after successful hunt. We grow, and knock down, some of the biggest bucks in the county. Skeptics are convinced that these couldn’t be true wild deer, but they are!

Opening a bag of 110 Proof, and pouring it out, invites both the good memories of past deer hunts and the field-tested proof this long-range attractant will bring in that next big buck.

If you aren’t feeding Buck Bourbon on your property, you’d better hope your neighbor isn’t.

5 bucks in the field feeding on Buck Bourbon

Small Batch Origins

As a third generation Kentuckian and lifelong hunter, George learned his craft, starting at 8 years old, from years of hunting with his father. He has continued the tradition by passing on his hunting skills to his two sons.

Originally George developed Buck Bourbon 110 Proof just for himself, and his good friends, to provide them that extra shot in attracting and producing the healthiest and biggest bucks in Kentucky. It didn’t take long for word to spread. True to his nature, he was soon mixing up batches for his friend’s friends, and their friends and neighbors.

Luckily, George didn’t keep this good thing only to himself.
Now, you too, can try Buck Bourbon. Take your shot.

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