Rackhouse™ 300+ One Way Mesh Hunting Blind

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(12 customer reviews)


  • Patented One Way Mesh® Windows
  • Integrated Internal Blackout Curtain System
  • Saloon Style Spring Blind Door
  • Four sided Hub Style Hunting Blind 

The Rackhouse™ 300+ is a four sided hub style blind with included carrying case. When deployed the Rackhouse™ 300+ features patented One Way Mesh on three of the four sides, and one mini rear door window to see bucks come into your Buck Bourbon feed sight from any direction. The Rackhouse™ 300+ features Buck Bourbon’s saloon style spring back door for silent and easy access to the Rack House. All Rackhouse™ hunting blinds are patterned in Veil™ Wideland Camo. Package includes carrying case, blind, four guide lines and twelve stakes. Buck Bourbon hunt responsibly.

Footprint:  58″ x 58″ x 67″
Weight: 18lbs / 8.16kg
Packaged Size: 42.5H” x 7″W x 7″D, BB-B300p
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One Way Mesh

This unique one way mesh fabric prevents wild game from seeing whats inside the blind while allowing anyone inside the blind to see out.

In addition to the One Way Mesh the inside of the blind features our integrated black out curtain system for the brightest of days.

Buck Bourbon Rack House 300+ One Way Mesh Feature

Saloon Style Door

All Rackhouse™ blinds features Buck Bourbon’s saloon style spring back door for silent and easy access to the Rackhouse™.

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12 reviews for Rackhouse™ 300+ One Way Mesh Hunting Blind

  1. Kristofer Kleman

    I purchased the rack house 300 blind in December 0f 2022, set it up and loved it the features of this blind, unfortunately the black on the inside was full of holes.I reached out to Buck Bourban and they were kind enough to send me a new blind wich I received today 01/8/2023. It’s not often you find a company that stands behind there product like this.

  2. James Rosenbaum

    Can you shoot through the mesh windows??

    • Jack

      No, this is not shoot through mesh. Great question.

  3. Jon Kazmierski

    What a great blind! The saloon door and silent window sliders are what drew me in, but when you add up all the other great qualities of this blind, especially the thicker durable material, it’s tough to understand why anyone buy anything else. Great camo pattern, easy setup. ILots of room to sit with my Uncle or take my kids hunting. I was really looking forward to letting my 85 year old uncle hunt this blind tomorrow, opening day of rifle in Kentucky, but went to show him the hunting spot today only to find that my blind and chairs were stolen. Unbelievable. So I never got to use this beauty of a blind, but know that I would have really enjoyed it for many years with those I like to share the outdoors with.

  4. Vicky

    I love this blind I got one from Walmart highly recommend it

  5. Pat Powell

    I’m sitting in one right now…with my daughter. I really like the “no zip” door and the fact that the material is not shiny. The “black out” curtains are great. The only pop-up blinds that I have owned that were this well designed cost more than twice as much. You can tell that the guys(s) who designed this blind have bowhunted wary whitetails before.

    Good job.

  6. Gunner Feagan

    What a great product. Comes straight out of the package ready to use. The design is top notch. Even comes with steaks. The best blind money can buy.

  7. David Sanders

    Just bought a new blind. However after setting the blind up there were areas in the black coating on the inside that were not coated upon inspection of the blind. I sent an email to the company on a Sunday afternoon and received a response later that evening from George. This was a very unexpected response being it was a Sunday evening. After sending photos of the blind to George, he said it was not right and would send me a new blind. Friday afternoon the same week I received my new blind as well as he sent 2 of the attractants they produce. Haven’t used the attractants yet but really enjoying the blind. Very roomy. All in all just wanted to say what GREAT customer service which is very hard to find these days. Thank you and looking forward to harvesting some venison this year from my blind. A very satisfied customer

  8. John Fisher Jr

    First of this kind of blind that I have bought, easy access with no noise. The sliding feature of the windows let you adjust to any size you want.
    Will definitely buy a couple more.

  9. Randy

    Like that it’s zipperless windows & the saloon style door gets you in when no zipper noise.

  10. Hunter Burkhart

    Only blind I will buy!! The window set up is perfect!

  11. Alan Erwin (verified owner)

    Just got one of the two blinds I ordered, very impressed of the quality of the blind, the door system is awesome, I’m a big person and have no issues getting in and out, great product for the cost.

  12. Tyler Campbell

    Best blind on the market hands down . The door is so easy to get in and out of compared to all other blinds I’ve used in the past especially if your a bigger person!

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