Buck Bourbon 110 PROOF

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Buck Bourbon 110 Proof is our protein-rich sweet feed deer attractant. Through our testing we have developed a protein feed that whitetail deer will actually eat without the extra additives. The sweet aroma of Buck Bourbon 110 Proof attracts deer from great distances and the intoxicating taste keeps them coming back for more.

Weight: 8 lbs / 3.63 kg
Size: 16.5H x 9″W x 4″ D

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Feeding Instructions

For best results begin feeding 2-4 weeks before your first hunt and continue feeding throughout the season. The strong attracting power of the Buck Bourbon products will pull deer in from surrounding areas.

110 Proof has been field tested and proven to work on whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, hogs, bears, sable and all exotics. Please follow your state and local regulations.


Processed grain by-products, salt, corn, zinc oxide, iron carbonate, calcium carbonate, manganous oxide, red iron oxide, copper sulfate, mineral oil, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate and natural anise flavor.

110 Proof Deer Attractant being poured out

The 110 Proof Story

Buck Bourbon 110 Proof is our proprietary protein rich sweet feed. Through our testing we have developed a protein feed that deer will actually eat. In our experience other protein feeds are not attractive to the deer alone as usually another attractant is mixed with it! The sweet aroma of Buck Bourbon 110 Proof brings the deer in from a long way and the great taste keeps them coming back.

Proudly manufactured in Kentucky

Top Shelf Reviews

I was having trouble getting this buck in daylight last season feeding plain shell corn. Days after my son and I poured out Buck Bourbon, this deer was in daylight and it ultimately led me to harvesting this 162” whitetail on opening day! We will be pouring it to them all season!
I have been hunting for over 50 years and I’ve tried every attractant and mineral product on the market and nothing compares to Buck Bourbon. The results speak for themselves! I was able to do short work on this amazing buck at 10 yards.
Without Buck Bourbon I would have never been able to harvest this 150 inch, 8 year old deer. Buck Bourbon was key in getting this deer into my spot and I was literally able to manipulate when the deer would come in during daylight.

Proven in the field

5 reviews for Buck Bourbon 110 PROOF

  1. Daniel W Crockett

    I’m skeptical about using so called attractants but decided to give this stuff a try. I put it out around noon in a field near a creek. The first night on camera, I had a 5pt, 8pt and a 10pt come in to this stuff. They found it and obviously liked it, licking their nose like crazy. The next night, I had an 11pt come in to it. I hunted the field the next afternoon. At 8pm, the 11pt entered the field and was on a mission coming in straight to this attractant. I shot him at 25yds and he scored 155 3/8. I’m hooked on this attractant now! I think some stuff is a gimmick but I really do believe in this stuff! Deer seem to love it!!

  2. Mark

    Wholly smokes the Buck Bourbon 110 works amazing!!! I used it for the first time this year and took the biggest archery deer of my life over it, he had been coming in regular ever since I started using the 110 in July.

  3. Tristen M

    I haven’t hunted in years. But when I got permission to hunt on the land next to me I instantly went to the feed and seed store. Found this stuff and put it out that day and wouldn’t you know it it brought 3 bucks. Now 2 weeks later them bucks brought the whole family, Mama, Papa, and Great Grandpa just to try this stuff. The deer love it and keep coming back.

  4. Christopher casper

    First time using this product and not only are the deer hooked but it even brought in new ones. Forever a customer now thank you!!

  5. Jake Kol

    Love this stuff. Have 130 acres that hasn’t been hunted or scouted in 3 years. And within 20 hours after putting down buck bourbon, I had 3 bucks show up! I’m sold on this stuff and so are the deer!

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