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Buck Bourbon 110 Proof® is our protein-rich sweet feed deer attractant. Through our testing we have developed a protein feed that whitetail deer will actually eat without the extra additives. The sweet aroma of Buck Bourbon 110 Proof® attracts deer from great distances and the intoxicating taste keeps them coming back for more. Buck Bourbon…Feed Responsibly. Venison It’s What’s for Dinner™.

8lb – Weight: 8lbs / 3.63kg, Size: 16.5H” x 9″W x 4″D, BB110
25lb – Weight: 25lbs / 11.34kg, Size: 27H” x 13″W x 4″D, BB110-25

Feeding Instructions

For best results begin feeding 2-4 weeks before your first hunt and continue feeding throughout the season. The strong attracting power of the Buck Bourbon products will pull deer in from surrounding areas.

110 Proof has been field tested and proven to work on whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, hogs, bears, sable and all exotics. Please follow your state and local regulations.


Processed grain by-products, salt, corn, zinc oxide, iron carbonate, calcium carbonate, manganous oxide, red iron oxide, copper sulfate, mineral oil, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate and natural anise flavor.

110 Proof Deer Attractant being poured out

The 110 Proof Story

Buck Bourbon 110 Proof is our proprietary protein rich sweet feed. Through our testing we have developed a protein feed that deer will actually eat. In our experience other protein feeds are not attractive to the deer alone as usually another attractant is mixed with it! The sweet aroma of Buck Bourbon 110 Proof brings the deer in from a long way and the great taste keeps them coming back.

Proudly manufactured in Kentucky

Top Shelf Reviews

I was having trouble getting this buck in daylight last season feeding plain shell corn. Days after my son and I poured out Buck Bourbon, this deer was in daylight and it ultimately led me to harvesting this 162” whitetail on opening day! We will be pouring it to them all season!
I have been hunting for over 50 years and I’ve tried every attractant and mineral product on the market and nothing compares to Buck Bourbon. The results speak for themselves! I was able to do short work on this amazing buck at 10 yards.
Without Buck Bourbon I would have never been able to harvest this 150 inch, 8 year old deer. Buck Bourbon was key in getting this deer into my spot and I was literally able to manipulate when the deer would come in during daylight.

Proven in the field

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37 reviews for 110 PROOF® – Deer Attractant

  1. Michael Delp

    2023 season. I’ve tried every under the sun to keep my shooter bucks around. Then I stubbled across this buck bourbon in my local tractor supply said why not. Literally a Game Changer in southeast Georgia. Had plenty of buck steady daylight and dark. Then change in seeing deer was night and day. I’ve should’ve been a salesman for this stuff along with investing in it. Granted I’m in a dog hunting club that is managed pretty well but when the heat was from dogs the deer didn’t seem to mind to come back in or around my area. I’ve done my own Feild testing in a stretch of 100 miles and just mind blowing this stuff brings to the game. Would recommend it for weekend worrier’s and also managed deer. It makes hunting an exciting trip for us swing shift hunters. In the end this product does produce and will continue to Feild test and use.

  2. Tracey Arnett

    I purchased the Barrel Proof Apple & Butterscotch blend feed a few weeks or so ago and I could not believe the deer I’ve had. I have lived here for 30 years and have always had doe hitting the feeders in the early evening.. This is the first time ever I have seen a buck out there with them eating, today were 2 bucks!! 😊 Normally I have 6-8 does that come out waiting, today there were 13. Whatever it is you all are doing keep up the great job cause they are loving it!! I’m definitely hooked on this product..

  3. beardddtexan2006

    I put this product out today and I already had deer coming out and to the feeder regularly now since I put it out my game camera is going off nonstop with pictures of hogs and deer . But as of this evening it’s nonstop hog pictures great product can’t wait to put some of them in the freezer !!

  4. Keiven Sneed

    Great product that brings the big ones out in daylight hours.

  5. mikewilson7682

    Ive been using Buck Bourbon for a few years now and its been a major part of my success with hunting for Bucks and Does. Each time I put it out you can see the increased deer movement and even daytime movement almost immediately. Don’t believe me…..put some out and put a camera on it!!!! Buck Bourbon is something I’ve highly recommended to others as well and they’ve also had success . Amazing product with amazing results and works for any deer hunting situation whether its for a trophy or for some meat in the freezer!!!!

  6. Jake Casper

    Literally 12 hours after putting this up I had our 160”+ target buck we haven’t seen in a while show up along with a whole bachelor group of bucks we had never seen before. This stuff works! Plain and simple!

  7. crodd45

    I bought a bag of On the Rocks at Tractor Supply at the beginning of this year. Made a mineral plot over my game camera, and every time I pull the SD card there are pictures of deer, sometimes as many as seven at a time, feeding from one plot. I’ve refreshed it three times now, and get pics of young bucks with sprouting antlers and pregnant does. My plan is to keep the does healthy and help the bucks get larger racks. I’m looking forward to switching things up to the Deer Attractant come the fall season..

  8. Allen

    My friend gave me some ..i had a 5 gallon bucket almost full of corn ,poured the buck bourbon 110 on top and mixed it in with the corn. I went and put it out where i already had an existing corn pile . That same night i had at 6 different bucks come to it . I went to my local Tractor Supply and bought my own. Now i rarely put out plain corn…i pour a 25 bag into every barrel or corn i buy…mix it into the 55 barrel of corn and seal the drum up until im ready to fill my feeders ..usually when get ready to fill my feeders i will add even more BB 110 into each 5 gallon bucket..works so good i even keep a qt zip lock bag full in my backpack and ill throw it around my stand before settling in for the hunt.

  9. Billy

    Smells great, poured it out within 5 minutes had 2 horses ran in and ate for 30 minutes, nothing left for the deer

  10. Nick H

    I’ve been using this product rather recently and have seen fantastic results. Usually within 24 hours I’m seeing deer on my cameras. Most recently, after applying 110 Proof, I had deer on camera within 14 minutes! I’m not sure if they were nearby, or it’s luck, but the direction the scent was blowing was the direction they came. This stuff is the real deal!

  11. Jerry

    I’ve only had it out for less than 24hrs! Oh my goodness! Deer everywhere! 4 shooters in under an hr!

  12. Frank

    Saw some reviews on BB 110 and figured I would give it a go. I literally put 2 of the 8lb bags out and also poured a jug of the Old Fashioned and within an hour of leaving, my camera went crazy. This product has pulled in 10 and 14 point bucks that I had no idea were in the area. All I have been seeing are little 4 and 6 pointers. I am going to buy the 25lb bag and a block now!! This stuff is AMAZING!!

  13. Colton Clowers

    I found some Buck Bourbon 110 Proof on clearance after the 2021 season and wanted to try something to see what I could get pictures of on the land I had just finished signing for. I put the Buck Bourbon on mid March and here it is September and I’m STILL getting deer and hogs coming to the exact spot. I put it out 1 time in that spot! Amazed at results! Have continued buying and will continue buying! This stuff is no gimmick!!

  14. Charles Benford

    Honestly I’ve done a few different things and didn’t really have much action. Always had does but they’re easy to hunt. I poured a 50lb bag of rice bran and dumped an 8lb bag of BB 110 around 7pm. By 7:30 I had a doe and fawn. Before 8 pm the DAME DAY 3 young bucks. The next morning had a really nice 6 and the same young bucks and between 9-10 am the next morning, BOOM! Am entire bachelor group of bucks that I didn’t even know were around that area! Got trail cam pics/vids of them fighting over it, running the weaker of them off the site. This stuff is amazing! Gonna keep on pushing and see how it goes but so far I am extremely impressed!

  15. Jamie

    I was very skeptical given all the other products I have tried. This stuff is unreal! Going back to buy all the stock left at store today!

  16. Jackson Langley

    I used Buck Bourbon for the first time this this past season in Ohio, and had great success. I then began using the products in my home state of Tennessee during the summer time and man did it help my deer heard with body size and antler growth. I am a lifetime customer

  17. Hunter Bradshaw

    Great product that should definitely be known! I’ve always had issues finding early season bucks and Buck Bourbon brought them out. Will definitely be ordering a lot more as the year progresses.

  18. Donald king

    This is the best stuff out there works great in ga I poured it out on the am hunt before day light and by 745 had 5 deer on it I just can’t find any more of it

  19. Troy Hull

    Wow! This stuff was amazing and worked fast! Deer hit it within 4 hours and tore it up. I left it out for 3 weeks before refreshing and when I went back there was literally a hole in the ground. I will share pics when I do my next refresh and check my cameras. This was my first time using but now am a lifetime customer

  20. Johnny Wells

    I met George back in November on a hunt with Salt River Outfitters in Kentucky. Let me say George is a class act! After talking with him for a good while I learned that George was behind the Buck Bourbon products. I had used Big Tine products previously. I switched over to Buck Bourbon and let me tell you that the deer took to it quick and frequently! I was amazed how the deer made the switch middle of the season to the Buck Bourbon. I also don’t mind supporting someone that is really into satisfying his customers! I highly recommend Buck Bourbon! Give it a try you will not be disappointed.

  21. David

    Bought a new house with small property have used many other products over the years with little to no success. Bought 2bags to try. And wow the deer have dug holes in the ground for this stuff.. hands down amazing

  22. Robert powers

    Love the products

  23. Terry

    After putting buck bourbon out, deer were on it!!!!! Not one to follow all the hype on most products, but this stuff works amazing!!!!

  24. Randy Chao

    Best product I have used the 110 proof. The stores can’t keep in stock.

  25. William

    Poured an 8 lb bag over an area I’ve been hunting hadn’t seen anything there but figured deer and hogs would use this area to get from the ponds to the thicket and hay field.
    At 6 pm I put it out ,sat up a trail cam,and went home….by 8 pm it was pouring rain and I figured I may have waisted my time but at 8 am my phone started getting pictures … looking at the pictures that came in about 2 hours after putting the 110 proof out I had 9 hogs show up and started rooting around where I poured it and after they left a nice buck and 4 does showed up.
    Gonna mix it up with my corn and Keep feeding.

  26. Baileys outdoors

    Love this stuff and the deer do to I highly recommend this

  27. Wayne Limeburner (verified owner)

    This stuff REALLY WORKS, I put 1bg in 2 different places Friday night, by Saturday evening i was putting bag #2 out !!! I’ve spent hundreds of Dollars on other Products, i can only say 1 thing B.B.110 Product started working on Day 1, and hasn’t let me Down yet !!! This Product does Exactly what it says it will Do, hands down, I’ve spent Hundreds of Dollars on other Products, those other products Can’t come Close to B.B.110 !!! this stuff WORKS !!! Ps, i just ORDERED 12 more bags !!! You WONT be DISAPPOINTED !!! 10 Plus STARS for Buck Bourbon Barrel Proof 110 …….

  28. Mark McCall

    Simply the best feed/attractant I have ever used. The deer love it and they keep coming back for more.

  29. Anthony Penwell

    This stuff is legit. I met George on guided hunt in ohio he offered for me to try it out and it’s proved it’s self I had a buck that never daylights and used the buck bourbon and the buck is now showing in the daylight

  30. David Williams

    I put out shelled corn for months before bow season started and have loads of pictures on camera.. Does and small bucks.. I found your product at tractor supply and bought 3 bags buck bourbon 110 and dump 1/4 of bag on 50 lbs of corn.. With in 2 days I started seeing huge bucks. A week later I had 13 different bucks on film. On December 15 2020 at 915 am. The biggest buck on film was coming my way. Awesome 14 point..my arrows connected..my biggest buck of 40 yrs of hunting..Thank you for Awesome product.

  31. Jeremiah S

    I used this product for the first time this season. Just picked it up on a whim. Man am I glad that I did. The best attractant I have ever used. First day of use I had a total of 4 different buck stop by for a snack. The second and third day even more deer stopped by. Would recommend this product to anyone that had trouble getting deer to there stand.

  32. David B

    I just stood up a new blind and two feeders. I completed the build out a 5:00 PM and bought two bags to see if it worked. By 2:00 am that morning I had a huge 8 point and my camera started blowing up my email with pics. I am a true believer in your product as I did not think I would see so many on my feeders this soon. Great Product and will be a mainstay on all my blinds!

  33. Daniel W Crockett

    I’m skeptical about using so called attractants but decided to give this stuff a try. I put it out around noon in a field near a creek. The first night on camera, I had a 5pt, 8pt and a 10pt come in to this stuff. They found it and obviously liked it, licking their nose like crazy. The next night, I had an 11pt come in to it. I hunted the field the next afternoon. At 8pm, the 11pt entered the field and was on a mission coming in straight to this attractant. I shot him at 25yds and he scored 155 3/8. I’m hooked on this attractant now! I think some stuff is a gimmick but I really do believe in this stuff! Deer seem to love it!!

  34. Mark

    Wholly smokes the Buck Bourbon 110 works amazing!!! I used it for the first time this year and took the biggest archery deer of my life over it, he had been coming in regular ever since I started using the 110 in July.

  35. Tristen M

    I haven’t hunted in years. But when I got permission to hunt on the land next to me I instantly went to the feed and seed store. Found this stuff and put it out that day and wouldn’t you know it it brought 3 bucks. Now 2 weeks later them bucks brought the whole family, Mama, Papa, and Great Grandpa just to try this stuff. The deer love it and keep coming back.

  36. Christopher casper

    First time using this product and not only are the deer hooked but it even brought in new ones. Forever a customer now thank you!!

  37. Jake Kol

    Love this stuff. Have 130 acres that hasn’t been hunted or scouted in 3 years. And within 20 hours after putting down buck bourbon, I had 3 bucks show up! I’m sold on this stuff and so are the deer!

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