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 In the hunting industry there's a lot of focus on simply "attracting" deer and using "supplements" that will magically make a bigger rack overnight. 

At Buck Bourbon ®  we see things a little differently.  

 We know that there's more to harvesting quality deer than just feeding them attractants or supplements a few times a year and thinking it will actually make a real difference. For healthier, stronger, disease resistant animals with bigger bodies, and more massive racks it's about total nutrition. Deer need to have the necessary protein, minerals, trace elements, and fats available to grow properly. Buck Bourbon's goal is to help supply complete nutrition to your herd.  


Get in on the action.

 We strive to see the hunting privilege last for generations to come.  We want our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy this amazing adventure like we have, and to understand that hunting is more than just harvesting. It's about ensuring there's great deer year after year. Buck Bourbon's contribution to herd health will help ensure that there will always be a great harvest where your family hunts.

Buck Bourbon ®  is a total nutrition provider. It will help you grow and maintain larger deer season after season. Buck Bourbon.....TAKE YOUR SHOT! 


Field Tested. Wildlife Approved.

 Herd improvement starts in the womb. When total nutritional needs are met your does can produce larger, stronger, and healthier fawns. After weaning, these young animals still need to have their full nutritional needs met.  When properly fed, Buck Bourbon ®  can help provide these essential nutrients to grow stronger bones, healthier muscles, bigger bodies, and larger racks that only the BEST bucks have. From conception to harvest you've given your deer what they need to become world class animals- and you'll have the trophies on the wall, and the meat in the freezer to prove it. 

What our customers are saying:

 I’ve been using buck bourbon and it’s amazing. I put it out for the first time last week and within an hour bucks were coming in. Within 48 hours it wasn’t visible on trail camera. Within one week the deer were scraping at the ground to get more of it. I’ve been using it since then. It’s put really good deer on my camera.  

                                               -Jordan Thompson                           


If you know me, you know that I am a die hard deer hunter 24/7/365... Never and I mean NEVER have I had pictures on my trail cams like I had tonight... The same farm in a 2-3 week time frame produced 300ish pics, in only 2 days of putting corn topped with Buck Bourbon 100 and 120 proof I had 647 pics ( 7 pics of me and 639 of deer and 1 pic of a possum lol). This was off the land that my wife and I recently purchased, and to be honest I was a bit depressed after pulling the card the other night and not having many pics, but tonight that all changed!!!!! I learned a few things tonight, 1- with the amount of deer that are on this property I won’t have to lease 6 other farms for next year, 2- I have a tremendous amount of 1.5-2.5 year old bucks, and a TON of does. 3- Buck Bourbon absolutely works!!! Without any crops being anywhere close to the property that we bought I can not wait to see what bigger bucks move in on the next card pull. I was gonna give it another week or so before I went around and checked the other cams on our leases, but now I think I will this weekend. If you are wanting to use a product that actually works and wanting to get more deer on camera while improving the health of the heard then get in contact with George Cummins owner of Salt River outfitters and get your hands on some Buck Bourbon, you will not be disappointed.. The results speak will speak for themselves!!! 

                                               -Robert Durr


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