Deer attractant

Born from Bourbon.
Field Tested.
Wildlife Approved.

Born from Bourbon.
Field Tested. Wildlife Approved.

Proof Points

I was having trouble getting this buck in daylight last season feeding plain shell corn. Days after my son and I poured out Buck Bourbon, this deer was in daylight and it ultimately led me to harvesting this 162” whitetail on opening day! We will be pouring it to them all season!
I have been hunting for over 50 years and I’ve tried every attractant and mineral product on the market and nothing compares to Buck Bourbon. The results speak for themselves! I was able to do short work on this amazing buck at 10 yards.
Without Buck Bourbon I would have never been able to harvest this 150 inch, 8 year old deer. Buck Bourbon was key in getting this deer into my spot and I was literally able to manipulate when the deer would come in during daylight.

Thoroughly tested, protein-rich sweet deer feed

We developed a feed formula that deer love,
and have them asking for another shot.

Field Tested. WildLife Approved.

Made in the USA

Proudly blended
& bagged in Kentucky.

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