Distiller’s Cut™ Field Knife Kit


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  • 8 Piece harvest field care kit
  • No Slip TPR comfort handles 
  • Fold out Nylon organiser  
  • Durable 3CR13 blade construction
  • Included Field Care wrist length and shoulder length Gloves

Buck Bourbon Distillers Cut™ field care kit was designed to be the perfect set of tools when the harvest ends and the work begins. The seven piece Distiller’s Cut™Field Care kit includes a caping knife, skinning knife, man size gut hook, bone saw, pen light, latex wrist gloves and shoulder length plastic gloves. All these tools fit inside a nylon carrying case with a belt loop. The nylon carrying case features reflective tape accents for easy visibility in the dark. Knives, gut hook and bone saw feature durable 3CR13 blades and no slip TPR comfort handles. The Distillers Cut™ Field Care kit is perfect for when the harvest is over and the butchering process begins, Venison It’s what’s for Dinner™.

Packaged Weight: 36 oz / 1.02 kg
Blade Material: Durable 3CR13 blades
Handle Type:  Fixed

Availability: In stock



All Blades: Durable 3CR13 blade construction 

Handle Construction: Soft Touch TPR


Caping Knife – Blade Length: 2.75 inches | Handle Length: 4.75 inches 

Skinning Knife – Blade Length: 4 inches | Handle Length: 4.75 inches 

Gut Hook – Blade Length: 2.5 inches | Handle Length: 4.75 inches

Bone Saw – Blade Length: 4 inches | T-Handle Length: 2.5 inches 

Pen Light –  Length: 5 inches | Lumens: 4.75 inches  


Package Includes

Every Distiller’s Cut™ includes skinning knife, caping knife, gut hook, bone saw, pen light, two AAA batteries, nylon carry pouch, latex wrist gloves and plastic shoulder length gloves. 

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3 reviews for Distiller’s Cut™ Field Knife Kit

  1. Jason Berger

    Hunting river bottoms and tricky to get to places requires hunters to pack in and pack out. The Buck Bourbon “Field Knife Kit” is the perfect set that organizes and keeps all your field dressing tools in an easy-to-pack carrying case. The knives are excellent quality, sharp (maintained its edge during the entire process), and the ideal size. The field saw is very durable and can be used for multiple purposes. It’s apparent, that the products were designed by hunters familiar with what sportsmen need in the field. I have been in the outdoor hunting industry for over 25 years and have come to appreciate quality gear in the field. Buck Bourbon products have never let me down!

  2. Jack Borcherding

    Love having everything that I need to gut and butcher a deer in one kit. The pouch that holds all the tools is great for organization. After gutting a deer the knifes sharpen up well. Favorite piece in the kit is the smaller caping blade. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Neal Emery

    Very impressed with this kit. First use was field quartering and a half-body cape of a bighorn sheep. The grips had a great feel and were non-slip even after prolonged, blood-covered use. The skinning knife maintained its edge through the whole process as well. Looking forward to continued use of this kit on pronghorn, deer and elk this season.

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