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Buck Bourbon Barrel Proof is our highly attractive supplemental deer feed. Barrel Proof was designed with either cinnamon and garlic or apple butterscotch flavoring to make it more attractive to deer. Barrel Proof is proven to work and has been tested at Salt River Outfitter on free range wild deer. If you want to supplement your deer and see those antlers grow; feed them Barrel Proof. Barrel Proof comes in a 40 lb. bag. Feed Buck Bourbon responsibly.

BB-BPR – Cinnamon & Garlic
BB-BPR-AB – Apple & Butterscotch


Feeding Instructions

Buck Bourbon Barrel Proof should be fed in a covered trough or gravity type feeder for best results. It can also be poured on the ground if rain is not forecasted, moisture is not good for any supplemental feed.


Cinnamon & Garlic: Processed grain by-products, grain products, roughage products, garlic oil, cinnamaldehyde, silicone dioxide, mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids.

Apple & Butterscotch: Processed grain by-products, grain products, roughage products, silicone dioxide, mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids, artificial flavoring.

The Barrel Proof Story

Buck Bourbon Barrel Proof is a supplemental protein feed with cinnamon and garlic flavoring to make it more attractive to the deer.

Proudly manufactured in Kentucky

3 reviews for Barrel Proof – Deer Attractant

  1. Buddy Alsbrook

    I tried two bags just to see what happens and within an hour of leaving I had deer all over the stuff. I tried the apple/butterscotch in front of two cameras and the stuff was completely gone in two days. As soon as I opened the bags the butterscotch aroma hit me so I know the deer can smell it. I can’t imagine a deer liking cinnamon and garlic, but I wouldn’t have thought about butterscotch, either. But hey, stranger things have happened. This stuff is truly amazing!!! Waiting now on the store getting some more in.

  2. Dave

    This stuff is absolutely amazing! The deer absolutely demolish it. 2700 pictures in one week. The strong scent made it easy for the deer to find in my Redneck gravity feeder. I went through a 40 pound bag in one week. And it was all deer pictures thanks to my Coonhood to keep out all of the raccoons that normally empty my feeder.

  3. Jonathan White

    Barrel Proof brought my biggest archery buck, to date, in to 14 yds and held him there! Slid the old cedar shaft about 2 ribs back and heard him fall!

    Great Kentucky made product! I’d put it up there with Rare Breed or Ale-8!

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